About ActiveTrader Expert Advisors

We Started trading from 2010 by Trading Manually (Scalping) and now the system we use in manual trading has been applied in an Automated program, Forex Robot, in 2017 we decided to trade automatically using Forex Robot.
The Forex robots that we used previously have been tested using a Real account, And because the system that you are implementing is the same system as Assat, we trade Manually, so the results are the same even better than trading manually.

#Advantages of Forex Trading Robots

The advantages of Trading Robot are the main reason why many traders stop trading themselves and replace using EA


Forex Trading Robots are capable of running hundreds to thousands of instructions per second to comb and execute every forex trading opportunity. The workload clearly exceeds human capabilities, but EA is easy to do. However, keep in mind, not all Forex Trading Robots have such high performance, because it depends on the system that underlies the making as well.

#Not Affected by Emotion

Under any Market Conditions, Forex Trading Robots only carry out instructions according to programming standards, without emotional intervention. In that sense, EA will execute orders such as buy or sell and put Stop Loss and Take Profit exactly like the program formula.
Unlike manual trading, where traders are easily affected by emotions when facing price fluctuations. They will usually shift the position of the SL and TP due to feeling greedy or otherwise, anxiously facing the price that does not move as desired. In the long run, these bad habits can be a barrier to success, so that emotion-free EAs are seen as superior.

#Active 24/7, Non-Stop

During Connecting with VPS, Forex Trading Robots can work all day, non-stop. So, once a trading opportunity appears, the Robot will always be ready to Execute the order Market, at any time. In other words, if you use EA, there is no need to worry about skipping trading opportunities even if you are busy with other activities or taking a break.

#Trading performance can be tested.

Because the Robot always consistently follows the programming standards, the trading performance can also be measured clearly too.

#Automatic Update Feature

As the development process of the Forex Trading Robot grows, more and more new features are developing to keep up with market dynamics. For example, the news filter feature and invisible mode (to avoid brokers that are stop loss hunting).
EA We already have the Automatic Update Feature only with  Re Start your MT4.